Innovation Themes

Innovation Themes

The ISCAS 2019 technical program will highlight circuits and systems contributions related to the following cross-cutting, interdisciplinary innovation themes:

  • Society 5.0 - Human-centric Society
  • Sustainable Computing and Systems
  • Energy-aware Systems and Services
  • Disaster Prevention and Mitigation
  • Smart Systems for Automotive
  • Cyber-Physical Systems
  • AI, IoT and Big Data Processing

These themes will be used to organize supertracks throughout the technical program linking thematically organized technical sessions, special sessions, invited speakers, plenary lectures, mini-tutorials, and other special events.

The aim is to give the opportunity to ISCAS participants to focus their attention to what they consider more exciting and/or to concentrate their attendance to only part of the event.

At the time of paper submission, submitting authors will be invited to indicate thematic alignment of their paper (with up to three themes, although none are required). The technical program will comprise a mix of themed sessions with traditional sessions organized by Track and subtrack topics.