Instructions for Authors

Instructions for Authors

The ISCAS 2019 paper submission and review process are being conducted in a manner substantially similar to previous ISCAS editions with one big update: double-blind review policy.

Paper preparation and submission

IMPORTANT: Prospective authors are invited to submit full length papers consisting of a complete description of their ideas and applicable research results in a maximum of 5 pages, of which 4 are for technical content including text, figures and references (if any), and with one additional optional 5th page containing only references. Paper not respecting this format (for instance longer, or the optional 5th page containing content other than references) may be returned to authors without review.Notice that the initial manuscript is reviewed based on the double-blind review policy. Please prepare your initial manuscript carefully to follow the double-blind review policy.

Paper Specifications:

  • PDF file MUST be IEEE Xplore compliant
  • Paper Size: US Letter (8.5'' X 11'') or A4 (210mm X 297mm)
  • Fonts: Embed ALL fonts in your PDF file. No Type 3 fonts allowed.
  • File Format: Adobe PDF (.pdf)
  • Allowed File Size: 5.0MB
  • Initial manuscript should NOT include any author information. For more detail, please read and follow the “Double-blind Review Policy.”
  • Do NOT page number your paper
  • Do NOT apply security settings to your PDF file.
  • Note: Deviations from the above paper specifications could result in removal of your accepted paper from the proceedings

Double-blind Review Policy:
In order to perform the fair review, the ISCAS2019 starts the double-blind review policy. Please read and follow the following instructions carefully before you make an initial submission.

  • Do NOT include any authors’ information such as name, affiliations, e-mail, etc. in the initial manuscript.
  • Do NOT include any grant information and personal acknowledgement in the initial manuscript.
  • All references including authors’ previous work should be referred as 3rd-persons’ works.
  • [NG] “This paper proposes new method to improve our previous method [1].”
    Reviewers can identify the authors via reference [1]!
  • [OK] “This paper proposes new method to improve XXX’s method [1].”
  • Note: The initial manuscript violating the double-blind review policy would be rejected.

If your paper is accepted for publication at this conference, you will also need to adhere to the following requirements:

  • When you submit camera ready paper, author’s information such as name, affiliations, etc. should be added. You can also add the grant information and personal acknowledgement.
  • IEEE policy requires that you send us a signed Copyright Form for each paper. Without this form, we can NOT publish your article.
  • REMINDER: At least one author per paper must be registered AND attend the conference to present their paper.
  • For Further Assistance:

  • In order to help you meet the above paper specifications, please use the templates which can be found on the Templates page.
  • If you are having problems creating your file, please refer to the author help page.
  • Note: If your paper does not meet IEEE Xplore requirements (as outlined in the Paper Specifications section), it cannot be included in the Proceedings.