Student Travel Grants

Student Travel Grants

ISCAS 2019 will provide partial travel support to student speakers attending the symposium, subject to available funds. If granted, the student will receive the support during the conference. This opportunity is sponsored by the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society and the Ogasawara Foundation for the Promotion of Science & Engineering. The exact amount of the awards will depend on the estimated expenses and demonstrated/perceived needs of the recipients, up to a maximum of $ 1,000 per awardee.
The ISCAS 2019 organizing committee recognizes that presenting research at our conferences is an important aspect of a student’s professional, educational and research development. Furthermore, student involvement in our conferences is fundamental to our development as a research community.

Eligibility and Selection

  • Be the author of an accepted manuscript and the presenter of this on a lecture, poster, or demonstration session.
  • Be a Student Member of IEEE Circuits and Systems Society when submitting the application.
  • Be registered as a full time Bachelor, Master or Ph.D. student in engineering or a related field in a college or university when submitting the application.
  • The application from IEEE Region 10 will be selected with priority given to travel grants supported by the Ogasawara Foundation for the Promotion of Science & Engineering.

Multiple Funding Application

The ISCAS 2019 organizing committee understands that students applying for the Student Travel Grants program may also be seeking partial support from other sources. This is encouraged and welcome. However, please note that even if ISCAS2019 itself provides diverse support programs for students and young professionals, our limited budget will not allow us to support any single person under more than one program at once.

Multiple applications to different ISCAS 2019 support programs can improve your chances of success, but in this case the evaluation committees will decide under which single program you are going to be supported.

Submission Procedure

If you meet the above requirements, please send an email with subject “Student Support ISCAS 2019” to, containing the following information:

  • Your IEEE Student number (for verification purpose).
  • Proof of registration to attend ISCAS 2019 (Your ISCAS 2019 registration number)
  • The ID number and title of the paper/poster/demonstration you will be presenting at ISCAS (full title with full list of authors) with your agreement to present this work.r
  • A signed supporting letter from your academic advisor or IEEE CASS local chapter chair.
  • The applicant’s signature.

Observe a STRICT 2-PAGE LIMIT for the application. Any text and information outside that limit will be cut. Incomplete, poorly assembled or late applications will not be considered. Applications should be submitted electronically via email to no later than March 16, 2019. Awardees will be notified as soon as possible thereafter.