Tutorials ISCAS 2019

10: Electronic Circuits for Smart Grids Supplied by Renewable Energy Sources

  • Adrian Ioinovici, Holon Institute of Technology


The tutorial will focus on a recent, “hot” area of circuits and systems: up-to-date power electronics converters and inverters to be used as interface between green energy cells and local or national grid. After establishing the requirements imposed by this application to the electronic circuit, basic capacitor- switched cells, inductor-switched cells, capacitor-inductor-switched cells and capacitor-coupled inductor-switched cells will be formulated. They will serve as the start point in a graph-oriented, systematic general approach to develop and design suitable high-performant electronic circuits answering the application constraints. The available solutions will be classified and reviewed in a comparative way. The challenges and the trade-offs in designing such circuits will be discussed. On-going misunderstandings about switched-capacitor converters and their ill-fated influence on understanding the design of the converters in conjunction with the renewable energy will be elucidated. The tutorial will not stop to presenting the best state-of the art solutions in terms of large dc gain, minimum component cost, minimum EMI pollution and high efficiency in processing the electrical energy, but will give the participants insights and tools for developing power electronic circuits for new challenges that the scientists and designers can expect from future environmental-friendly energy sources used to supply smart grids.


  • Adrian Ioinovici

    received the Fellow degree for pioneering work in switched-capacitor based power electronic circuits (evaluated by the CAS Society). Later, the switched-capacitor electronic circuits proved themselves to be the basic cells for any power electronics used in conjunction with the green sources of energy.

    Along the years, A. Ioinovici presented a number of tutorials at different IEEE conferences (ISCAS 2002 Scottsdale, AZ, USA; IEEE-ECCE –Asia 2013, Melbourne, Australia; IEEE ECCE-Asia 2017 Kaohsiung, Taiwan), served in the CAS Society DLP 2001-2004 (with subjects related to the switched-capacitor converters), gave a number of key-note opening speeches at international conferences (like China Power Supply Conf. Shanghai 2011, IEEE IPEMC 2012, SWEDCS 2017, PESA 2017 Hong Kong) ,where the audience could find the up-to-date developments in the area of switched-capacitor converters and later in power electronics for the use as front end of smart grids supplied by environmental-friendly sources of energy.

    A.Ioinovici has served for repetitive terms as an Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics and IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, for which he mainly dealt with the area of electronic circuits in conjunction with the renewable energy. He also chaired for repetitive terms the CAS Society PECAS (Power and Energy Circuits and Systems Technical Committee), and served at most ISCAS-es as session chair and/or special session organizer for power electronics circuits sessions.

    He is the author of two books ("Computer-Aided Analysis of Active Circuits", M. Dekker, Inc., New York, 1990 and “Power Electronics and Energy Conversion Systems”, Wiley, 2013) which contain basic material for those studying the subject of electronic circuits for renewable energy.

    The main area of research of Dr. Ioinovici has been switched-capacitors converters and inverters, and converters for use in conjunction with the green sources of energy. He published more than 100 IEEE papers in this area, from the years when he with his students pioneered the switched-capacitor circuits development to nowadays, when he with his research groups from different countries authorized breakthrough developments and opened new research directions in the quest for electronic circuits able to process the energy provided by the green sources of energy with maximum efficiency, featuring in the same time small size and low weight.

    Prof. Ioinovici is considered today an authority in the field of electronic converters for environmental friendly energy.