Tutorials ISCAS 2019

Full-day 26 May

  1. Internet of Medical Things: From Biomedical Circuits and Systems to Healthcare Engineering

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    9:00–17:00 Room 7

    • Jinhong Guo, University of Electronic Science and Technology
    • Benoit Gosselin, Laval University
    • Hao Yu, Southern University of Science and Technology
  2. Energy-Efficient AI: System Architectures and Computational Models Based on CMOS and Beyond-CMOS Devices

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    9:00–17:00 Room 8

    • Keshab K. Parhi, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
    • Bo Yuan, Rutgers University
    • Naresh R. Shanbhag, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    • Abu Sebastian, IBM Research - Zurich
    • Bipin Rajendran, New Jersey Institute of Technology
  3. Introduction to Adaptive Wireless Circuits and Systems

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    9:00–17:00 Room 3

    • Mohammad Abu Khater, Princess Sumaya University for Technology
    • Yu-Chen Wu, Purdue University
  4. Memristive Devices: From Device Physics to Memristive Circuits

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    9:00–17:00 Room 4

    • Stephan Menzel, Forschungszentrum Jülich

Half-day morning 26 May

  1. Wireless Power Transfer: From Implantable Devices to Electric Vehicles

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    9:00–12:00 Room 5

    • Chunting Chris Mi, San Diego State University
    • Maysam Ghovanloo, Georgia Institute of Technology
  2. Neuromorphic Computing: Devices, Circuits and Algorithms


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    9:00–12:00 Room 11

    • Vishal Saxena, University of Idaho
  3. Hardware Security in Energy-Constrained Silicon Chips – from Principles to State of the Art

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    9:00–12:00 Room 6

    • Massimo Alioto, National University of Singapore
  4. On-Chip Dynamic Power Supplies for Mixed-Signal SoCs

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    9:00–12:00 Room 9

    • Ayman Fayed, The Ohio State University
  5. Passive Localization and Tracking for Internet of Things

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    9:00–12:00 Room 10

    • Xiao-Ping Zhang, Ryerson University
    • Ji-An Luo, Hangzhou Dianzi University

Half-day afternoon 26 May

  1. Electronic Circuits for Smart Grids Supplied by Renewable Energy Sources

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    14:00–17:00 Room9

    • Adrian Ioinovici, Holon Institute of Technology
  2. Reliability and Functional Safety for Smart Automotive Systems

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    14:00–17:00 Room 6

    • Riccardo Mariani, Intel Corporation
    • Ritu Sethi, Intel Corporation
  3. Digitally Enhanced Mixed Signal Systems

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    14:00–17:00 Room 5

    • Chadi Jabbour, Telecom Paristech
    • Dang-Kién Germain Pham, Telecom Paristech
    • Guillaume Ferré, IMS Bordeaux
  4. Following the 3D Integration Path

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    14:00–17:00 Room 10

    • Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske, Portland State University
  5. Machine & Deep Learning for Edge-Cloud Computing Systems

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    14:00–17:00 Room 11

    • Baoxin Li, Arizona State University
    • Fengbo Ren, Arizona State University